On a site in Staffordshire, a military installation is having some life put back into it, with a complete re generation project.

We received a request to carry out a survey of 4 large hangers. A previous operator had attempted to take on the challenge but with weather was beyond there machine capabilities so asked us to take on the job. We happily obliged.

With a short time frame of 4 days to complete a pre site survey, complete the job and analyse the data, we didn’t have any room for error, even with the British weather.

On arrival, we could instantly see that scaffolding would be very costly as the roof was so fragile and large.. so our kit, was definitely the most efficient in time and cost for the client.

We only 2 Days now to complete the job, and a thunderstorm inbound it meant some interesting flying. Due to the length of the hangers, 65m and there height, it meant we would struggle to main Visual Line Of Site, which is a CAA Requirement.

So using our initiative, we utilised a scissor lift to get level with the building roof, and this worked perfectly.



We were able to give the client an unparalleled detailed view of the roof structure on all 4 hangers saving them thousands of pounds in scaffolding and also time. We budgeted two days to complete this, due to the weather constraints, we completed the task in 6 working hrs whilst still working in the 20mph wind conditions.