Powerful Data for Farmers and Wine Growers

UAVONIC is a drone services market leader in providing farmers and wine growers with powerful data from multispectral camera which provides radically new perspectives on the health and vigor of their crops. It allows growers and agronomists to detect areas of stress in a crop and manage these issues immediately. It enables precise application of nutrient inputs and disease preventative actions based on the actual field conditions today.

The processing chain consists of few steps:

  1. Plan a flight mission
  2. Execute the flight mission plan – produce individual overlapping images
  3. Upload the data into cloud for processing
  4. Product data delivery to the customer

Our basic products are mosaic maps in form of vegetation indexes such as Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) or Normalized Difference Red Edge Index (NDRE). These should be seen as an intermediate product that indicates a problem (water stress, low chlorophyll content, pests, diseases etc.) in your crops.

Reasons to use our drone multispectral data:

Periodic flights (e.g. 1 per week) can give a farmer more insight into how the field is evolving over time. All this can be seen on a cloud a day after or even the same day evening after the data processing is done by us. If a farmer needs real-time in-field information, this is also possible just by looking at the individual images but he will not see the whole picture until the processing is done.

Damage assessment – after some major external event e.g. storm, a farmer needs to assess/quantify the damage on his field for the insurance company. Multispectral imagery will give you best quantification possible since you can see which crops is fallen or damaged.

Save on inputs – this is basically the main reason why to use such sensor data. We are able to identify what problems are there and see this information as a decision support for a farmer. Eventually we will be able to convert this data into prescription maps with higher value.

Data Accuracy – based on a calibrated multispectral camera with 5 narrow channels and using a reflectance panel, our customers can be sure we will produce a data that can be compared over time with confidence. It means we can measure your crops in different atmospheric conditions over the year. The only requirement we have is a sunny day with clear sky.