Ten Pieces – Somethin Else

Award Winning Bafta TV Show Ten Pieces turns to drones for a dynamic look to there latest shoot, This was the first time aerial video had been utilised by the team.

Set in the beautiful countryside of Polhill Bank Kent on warm friday morning with only the sound of the wind and birds in the air… Well that was until we turned up with the High1Pro.

Carrying the GH4 we were excited about collaborating with the team from Somethin Else , especially with there historical BAFTA winning history, the pressure was on to perform.

Arriving and prepared to capture some “General Scenic Shots” the High1Pro was configured for a one man setup, with my assistant Darren Jones helping out on the ground.

After chatting to the team from Somethin Else at the location and them seeing the rig, I saw a glint in there eyes, which meant “General Scenic Shots” was out the window and we were going for some artistic tracking shots and some rather complicated reversed tracking shots.. especially for a single man operator.

By the end of the day we had pulled of some great shots, got the job done and got rather burnt.. Note to all UAV Pilots.. add suncream to your kit list.

We look forward to seeing the finalised piece, which is in cinemas in October, and appears at Christmas on TV.

“The footage looks incredible!” – Maia Fry, Somethin Else

Subject - BBC Bafta Series “Ten Pieces”
David Walters - Director & Pilot UAVONIC
Darren Jones - Assistant & Photographer from ShadyDarkside 
Oliver Smyth - Director
Owen Kean - Producer Somethin Else
Molly Rainsford - Actress
Darren Jones - Photo