It is now possible to perform inspections of various infrastructures quickly, safely, and efficiently. It is no longer necessary for you to cease operations in order to perform the required inspections. UAVONIC utilizes the latest technology in multi rotor aircrafts and sensors, which enables us to complete inspections of various kinds using thermal and visual cameras. We are able to identify weakened structures or overheating parts, find corrosion or other structural damage.

  • Higher Accessibility and Safety: Our fleet can easily access the inspected object without endangering the health and safety of your workers.
  • Time and Cost Effective: UAV inspections take much less time, giving us the ability to perform more operations.

Our teams are ready to perform aerial thermographic inspections (with temperature tolerance of 0.5 degrees Celsius) and 2D and 3D site mappings (including panels without ground access) of your entire solar farm.


We conduct full inspections of wind turbines and all their parts, capturing even the tiniest structural defects and corrosion traces. We deploy multiple teams to ensure fast turn around, while all the data can be audited and stored for historical comparisons.

Oil and Gas:

UAVONIC possesses the necessary hardware to perform both onshore and offshore inspections. This cost-effective and safe new method has a number of advantages over the traditional inspection techniques that require roping and scaffolding of the inspected site.

Utilities and Construction:

UAV surveys offer a safer and faster alternative to manual inspections. Using high-res imagery and infrared cameras to investigate hard to reach spaces in a wide variety of heavy industries and construction sites.