Pictures taken from the ground often times fail to show reality in the way it deserves to be portrayed. Aerial drone imaging captures the true beauty of your surroundings much better, showing them in exciting new perspectives. Using our high-end equipment we are able to capture irresistible natural panoramas, historical sites, or everyday life, like never before. Short promotional spots, or more extensive coverage materials can be supplemented by high-quality videos  from bird-eye’s perspective to make them even more customized and appealing to your audience.
High-quality post-production services and image editing are also included as a part of our offering.

Sporting Events:

UAVONIC is a leader in offering aerial media and promotional videos for a range of sporting and entertainment events.


Companies from many sectors including household brand names have trusted our pilots, film crews and creative teams to make the most of their promotional videos. UAV videography allows for an incredible scope of panoramic and even time lapse shots.


Our promotional videos for residential and commercial properties are a key marketing and sales tool for several of the UK’s top developers.