Aerial Roof Inspections

A military base in Staffordshire is having some life put back into it, currently undergoing a complete regeneration project. A survey of 4 large hangars had to be conducted in order for the project to move forward. While a previous operator had attempted the challenge, they found themselves unable to complete the task because their machines could not withstand the severe weather conditions. Given our reputation for technical superiority, we were contacted by with an offer to do the job instead, which we happily accepted!

With only 4 days to conduct a site pre-inspection, complete the job and finally deliver the analyzed data, we certainly had our work cut out for us. There was no room for error, especially considering the unpredictability of the British weather.

Upon arrival to the site, we instantly concluded that installing scaffolding to conduct the required surveying would have been very costly, as the roof was so large and looked fragile. Thus, the decision to survey the hangars using our kits was certainly the right one, as it saved the owner a lot of time and money. We also recognized that we were going to struggle to maintain Visual Line Of Site from the ground (a CAA requirement for commercial drone operations) given the enormous size of the hangars. Fortunately, we were able to overcome yet another complication swiftly by deploying a scissor lift to ensure our pilot was level with the roof of the buildings and thus able to maintain VLOS.  After familiarizing ourselves with the site and completing our preparation, we only had 2 days to execute the job. On top of everything else, the threat of an incoming storm and high winds was yet another issue that our team had to be prepared about.

In the end we were able to provide our client with an exceptionally detailed view of the roof structures on all 4 hangers, saving them thousands of pounds and multiple hours in the process. We ended up completing the task in 6 working hrs, whilst overcoming 20mph wind currents. It is safe to say that we are just as happy with our execution of the task as the contractor is with our outputs!