Industrial UAV Services

UAVONIC is a global leader in a wide range of UAV industrial inspections. Specialising in aerial inspections of solar photovoltaic farms, in recent years UAVONIC UK has developed bespoke hardware and software specific to the needs of asset managers and operations & maintenance teams in the industry. Using aerial thermographic inspections allows for targeted O&M, increasing efficiency and maximising returns on investment for assets, due diligence for transfers of ownership and support for warranty claims. Due to the convenience, competitive cost and efficiency of aerial thermal solar reports, this is now the preferred method of annual assessment in the solar industry.

Our drones are equipped with the most technologically advanced sensors available in order to gather data of the highest quality. We then process this information to deliver complete, customized solutions to our clients. Reports on our portal, AIRS (Aerial Insight Reporting System), offer our clients the ability to freely access and interrogate data for every panel on site, down to cell level. Please contact us for a demonstration of this powerful tool.

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