Multispectral cameras are able to capture different colours reflected from the ground and thus provide a new perspective and plenty of information on the state of various agricultural sites or sports fields. We use this data to create vegetation maps and determine problematic areas even before they become visible to the human eye.  With much more detailed information on the health of plants, soil composition, levels of moisture, or the presence of pests, farmers and owners to are able to choose the best course of action to ensure highest crop yields, or perfect turf conditions.

  • Scope: Quickly obtaining information about the overall state of the land, regardless of its size;
  • Irrigation and Drainage: Ability to optimize the irrigation and drainage systems considering the site’s elevation and contours;
  • Plant Quality: Determining the percentage of vegetation, pests and weed cover, fertility levels and soil/ plant needs;
Precision Agriculture:

Our latest payload sensors help us disrupt the agricultural industry and provide our clients with invaluable information about the condition of their crops. Our non-invasive approach can provide long-term foresight for our clients.

Turf Management:

UAVONIC uses visible spectrum, infrared and red-edge band multi-spectral sensors to provide an accurate image of the turf health in professionally-managed sport sites. Our data can be also used to improve maintenance and future site planning.

Golf Courses:

We have developed a range of advanced solutions for both construction and maintenance of golf courses. Our topographical surveys, contour mapping 2D and 3D modelling are capable of the highest accuracy while multi-spectral sensing offers the latest advances in plant and turf care.


Multi-spectral data is also proving especially informative and effective at monitoring vineyards. We are working closely with winegrowers and academics to apply our data to improving crop yield health.