UAVONIC uses modern technologies in order to determine the size of outside storage spaces of various materials. New sensors and software are a big improvement on current practices that are more time-consuming and less precise. Our advanced photogrammetry workflow enables us to calculate volumes for material stock piles, voids, or depressions in the ground. The collected images are then processed through software, which creates digital 3D models with precise size and volume of the surveyed material. This enables the user to visually inspect the model at any time and with greater detail. Our services are most widely used when and calculating sizes and volumes of material stock piles, voids, or depressions in the ground.

  • Versatility: Ability to measure any material of any size, density, etc.
  • Quality Data: Highly detailed models, accurate measurements and volumes.
Timber and Quarries:

Our highly accurate volumetric measurements are a powerful tool for the timber industry and quarries. Stock control and demand planning. It has become significantly more precise with quick access to affordable quality data.