UAVONIC`s distribution network covers Central and Western Europe. Our portfolio contains unmanned aerial vehicles designated for hobbyists and professionals. We provide comprehensive equipment servicing during and after the warranty as well as professional consultancy.



The 3DR IRIS+ is your aerial passport: all you need to get started shooting photos and video from incredible new perspectives. Powered by 3DR’s world famous autopilot, IRIS+ is a robot that will automatically fly itself where you tell it to go, while keeping a camera dead steady with two-axis gimbal stabilization.



Zero Tech HighOne Pro quadcopter is a ready to fly professional solution with brand new Smart assemble system. Frame is made from carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum no plastic parts are used on main frame. It is safe, smart, agile, simple to operate and even more portable.



Whether it is battery, autopilot, gimbal or anything else, here is the place you can get it.

About us

UAVONIC ranks among the most competitive providers of UAV based services and solutions in Europe. The company is also a supplier of the most technologically advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for hobbyists and professionals. It was founded in 2014 in Bratislava.

Main areas of our business model include:

  • Distribution and servicing of unmanned aerial vehicles and accessories
  • Providing complex services and bespoke solutions
  • Education, including a Pilot Academy and research projects being conducted in the field of UAVs

UAVONIC has brought together a team of experts from across technology, IT, sales, marketing as well as the most professional and skilled pilots. Our team is always ready to advise on the perfect solution and the highest level of professionalism as well as health and safety procedures ensure smooth execution of the most complex projects. UAVONIC provides services to companies of all sizes and can meet even the most demanding requests. Our company trains future UAV pilots, cooperates with universities and actively participates in multinational research projects. It facilitates the association of UAV fans and professionals and helps government institutions set out rules for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. UAVONIC also organizes workshops and takes part in exhibitions